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CrossFit Elviria, Box Jumps & Pull Ups
CrossFit Elviria Throwdown
CrossFit Elviria On Ramp
Front Squat CrossFit Elviria
CrossFit Elviria, Box Jumps, DU's, Double Unders
CrossFit Elviria Push Press
Today's WOD
Tue 19th Nov

20’ Build To 1RM DL

8 Pull Ups
8 SA KB Hang Clean & Press Left


8 SA KB Hang Clean & Press Right

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CrossFit Elviria Marbella wants to fuel a revelation in a new approach to fitness within the commercial - big box - gym engulfed market.  CrossFit is currently the most efficient and effective exercise program out there.

The CrossFit approach is to leave the modern day technology and gym machines to gather dust and replace them with basic functional movements - squatting, jumping, lifting, pulling, climbing, running, throwing and twisting - using key equipment:  barbells, kettle bells, ropes and medicine balls.

Here at CrossFit Elviria...


I Have been coming to Crossfit Elviria for 8 months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. As a close to 47 year old woman and after 10 years in regular gyms, the thought of participating in Crossfit was somewhat intimidating – Crossfit was ONLY...

I've now been attending Crossfit Elviria for 8 weeks and each week I find both Karl and Esteban have pushed me to achieve many things I didn't think was possible. I'...

Hi Crossfitters, I have just returned from Spain where I was able to get my WOD on at Crossfit Elviria. This box has only been open a few weeks, but you wouldn't know it. Karl and Estaban are the coaches here and are excellent, the way they structure the classes is really good and my wife and I had a lot of...

Feeling a bit bored in my usual gym routine, i decided to take up Crossfit and didn't want to wait any longer and did the ramp course in Elviria....

Just like to say what a wonderful experience its been on this holiday, and its all down to how the guys Karl and Esteban run there crossfit box. There experiience and knowledge shine through to...

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